JM Publishing’s suite of services includes editing, production of proofs, graphic design, illustrations, photography, cover design, back cover synopsis plus printing, distribution and assistance with the marketing campaign.

James Milligan is an experienced and registered publisher whose extensive publishing fields include fiction and non-fiction, primary education, business, politics, history, wartime, biography, autobiography, hospitality, tourism, health and nutrition, sports and the arts.

James believes in being at the frontline of his business and is the primary designer and publisher. He works with his clients from creation to completion to ensure client satisfaction and maximisation of outcomes.

Whether you have told a good story and, and want to publish your manuscript, or you want advice on how to get started, your first step is to get in touch with our us and we will send you a ‘Publishing Information Kit’.

In this kit you will find information on getting started, the publishing process and what to do next.

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