JM Publishing now includes a team of highly qualified and expert business consultants to assist with a wide variety of projects for clients. We can help you to grow your business – whether through strategy advice and development, recruitment support or system and process improvements. We have the ability to work with you on a wide range of professional training and development activities, including the creation of learning materials such as training documents and presentations.

We see a need for many small businesses and organisations to review their operations to prepare for the post-COVID recovery phase. Significant changes may need to be identified and explored and we can help in this process by adding new communications and marketing strategies.

Combining design and publishing skills with our consulting activities also means that we can produce professional written content, proposals, and marketing materials as well as digital and online strategies. By combining years of community sector work and government expertise means we can facilitate a broad range of community consultation process, stakeholder engagement and relationship management events to ensure your organisation exceeds community expectations and complies with all relevant requirements. 

Our small and agile team has the ability to oversee a wide range of projects and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals so together we can develop a strategy that will drive your business forward.

Some of our key services include:

  • COVID Recovery Planning
  • Business Scoping, Strategy and Expansion
  • Marketing and Diversification 
  • Communications and Digital Strategies
  • Project Management services 
  • Business Process and System improvements 
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Community Consultation
  • Research, Analysis and Policy Advice  
  • Political analysis and campaign support
  • Governance and Organisational advice 
  • Establishing the importance of regulatory and compliance measures 
  • Branding and Client analysis
  • Grants Preparation Advice, Review and Visual Presentation  
  • Change Management
  • Training and Development
  • Recruiting and Human Resource Management 
  • Public speaking and speech writing 
  • Leading meetings and facilitation of workshops
  • Risk management and work health and safety compliance 

At JM Publishing, we have a small but very tight knit team of diverse professionals. Coming from vastly different backgrounds, we have united with a common purpose – to help grow local businesses and help organisations become more effective. We are passionate about Canberra and the surrounding region, we see the potential to develop the private sector here in Canberra leveraging from the wide range of Government Departments and headquarters that are already in the ACT. We also see real potential to cultivate relationships with surrounding hubs and emerging industries to make Canberra the nations leader in innovation and excellence.

Let us bring you along for that journey.

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